• Over 20 years of experience we have had a special focus on fur animals
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We are Providing solutions of tomorrow

PROVIA a/s is a trading and manufacturing company which develops and delivers quality products to the fur animal industry. Our ambition is to deliver the best feed solutions to fur animals, with care for the world and our customers. We strive to ensure healthy fur animal production, and to be the preferred supplier of commodities to fur animal feed kitchens and fur animal breeders, in both Denmark and internationally.

PROVIA a/s is specialized and has great knowledge about production and deliverance of fish products, vitamins (premix and liquid vitamins), plant proteins, fiber products, cereals and animal proteins.

We are proud to be flexible enough to meet the changing needs and demands of the markets. And experienced enough to know what it takes.

We prioritize innovation, quality and safety in all phases until the delivery and use. We prioritize each customer and provide the most appropriate advice for breeding optimization and well-being.

In PROVIA, we have since the very beginning in 1994 focused particularly on fur animals. All our products are composed from the latest knowledge, and always focusing on your breeding and animals.

We are ready to help, whether you're a fur animal breeder or fur animal feed kitchen.

Call us today for an informal meeting – phone +45 96 94 44 44

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