Animal proteins

We offer an extensive product range of animal protein products for mink feed. They often exist in more qualities and with various contents. Contact us already today to discuss your need. Ask us also for offers and specifications.

  • Greaves meal
  • Poultry bloodmeal
  • Poultry meatmeal
  • Feathermeal
  • HydroMink
  • Hemoglobinmeal

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“I use PROVIA's B - vitamin mix in the feed, in order to prevent fatty liver and to allow the mink greater appetite. Mink need for B vitamins increases during stressful periods, that’s why I assign the product at weaning, after periods of restricted feeding and in the latter part of the growing season. I have good experiences with Vitral B Mink Super, and experience fewer cases of fatty liver when using the product”

Benny Berge, Mink farmer, Nibe