Fish is an invaluable source for protein, fat and flavour. Fish "twice a week" is therefore not enough in the animal feed.

At PROVIA we can offer you an increasing number of fish products of all types; frozen and fresh fish, fish trimmings, fishmeal in various qualities, fish protein concentrate cat. 2 and 3, by-products from the fish industry and fish oil from salmon and white fish.

  • Fish trimmings
  • Fishmeal
  • Fish protein concentrate

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“I use PROVIA's B - vitamin mix in the feed, in order to prevent fatty liver and to allow the mink greater appetite. Mink need for B vitamins increases during stressful periods, that’s why I assign the product at weaning, after periods of restricted feeding and in the latter part of the growing season. I have good experiences with Vitral B Mink Super, and experience fewer cases of fatty liver when using the product”

Benny Berge, Mink farmer, Nibe