Grain products

When exposing grain to moist, heat and pressure, the availability of starch is increased significantly.  This is of great value for the ability of young animals and carnivores to utilize the nutrients in the grain.

PROVIA's special-treated grain products offer many advantages:

  • bacteria and micro organisms are killed
  • the water binding capacity is increased = larger sensation of satiety
  • the surface of the grain is increased, to enable the enzymes to better split the nutrients
  • the starch, which is the most important energy source in grain, will become more available
  • the structure is improved and gives better stomach health

PROVIA produces and sells a wide range of products:

  • gelatinized barley and wheat
  • flakes of barley and wheat
  • extrudet wheat

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“I use PROVIA's B - vitamin mix in the feed, in order to prevent fatty liver and to allow the mink greater appetite. Mink need for B vitamins increases during stressful periods, that’s why I assign the product at weaning, after periods of restricted feeding and in the latter part of the growing season. I have good experiences with Vitral B Mink Super, and experience fewer cases of fatty liver when using the product”

Benny Berge, Mink farmer, Nibe