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The best mink skins in the world come from Denmark

At special times in the mink's life such as mating, formation of fur and the last demanding part of the growth period, many mink farmers experience challenges, that may often be remedied with an extra supplement of vitamins.

In PROVIA, we have since the very beginning in 1994 focused particularly on mink. We produce liquid vitamin mixes developed and composed specifically to remedy problems connected with reproduction, greasy puppies and fatty liver syndrome.

As a mink farmer you can buy vitamins directly from PROVIA – please call us by +45 96 94 44 44

When co-operating with us, you receive:

  • committed and credible consulting
  • quick and flexible service
  • PROVIA´s own produced products without price-raising intermediaries

Call us today for an informal meeting – phone +45 96 94 44 44

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