Vitamin supplements

The small part of the feed that makes a huge difference

Vitamins and minerals for mink

Vitamins and minerals in the right balanced amounts are extremely important for an efficient production and healthy mink.

Should you need help, PROVIA has built a large knowledge especially within vitamins for mink feed, and we gladly share this knowledge. We cooperate with e.g. Aarhus University and Kopenhagen Fur Research centre on research and development, so that we are always one step ahead with new knowledge.

A modern microdosage equipment plus purchasing and quality assurance of raw materials directly from producers all over the world ensure, that we deliver the right quality at a fair price.

PROVIA wishes to be known for flexibility - basically anything is possible with regards to composition, and we would like to customise products for your specific situation.

Contact our mink feed expert to discuss your options; Sales manager Mogens Kristensen at +45 23 99 94 05 / mk@provia.dk

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“There is a positive effect on the allocation of B - vitamins in mink which are aggressive and fight. B vitamin makes them calmer and less aggressive. In addition, especially light color mink develop fatty liver in the autumn and therefore it is a good idea to assign Vitral B Mink Super feed in”

Ivan Christiansen, mink veterinarian